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ASG Spedition

Multimodal and Project Shipments PDF Print E-mail

What we offer

  • charters
  • transport, handling, assembling and disassembling of oversized shipments

ASG Spedition can assure all possible top trucking solutions for normal, hazardous or subcontractors, no matter the size, weight, routing or distance, port to port or door to door, we can deliver your cargo to any major location in the world.

We offer load plans and time to cost solutions and loading /  unloading reports for all shipments arrived in our warehouses. On request strapping / unstrapping, bracing of you shipments.

We organize special projects (overweight or oversized shipments) transportations, arrangements for possible modifications to roads and structures, complete route and transfer points management, dispositions of specialized transport equipment.

Break - bulk shipments are carried using the best services provided by our partners.

Airplane chartering

No matter size or weight of your shipments, we will handle the quickly and expeditiously, providing in this way maximum benefits to yout bottom lines.

Transport, handling, assembling and disassembling of oversized shipments

Special projects by truck within European countries.

Our own strong network of internal hauliers which makes us capable to pick up / deliver, consolidate / deconsolidate, code labeling your goods with utmost accuracy and provide written POD whenever needed.


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